An external storage tracking app for Android

Plot usage of external storage

Tap once to select a point.

View activity at selected point

Tap selected point again for a popup showing recorded activity. Swipe between created, deleted and modified categories.

Search activity history

Use the search dialog to search all recorded activity with a file name, or a part of it.


Only the primary external storage device is supported as of now. There is a plan to extend to all available storage devices as exposed by Android framework.
Allow a day or two after installing the app for it collect some data to display.

The app in Play store is signed using a different key than that in F-Droid and XDA, and also differs in the package name.
Hence, data cannot be migrated from a F-Droid installed app to an installation through Play store.


You can donate by purchasing the app on Google Play, sending Bitcoins or Flattr.
My Bitcoin address is 16bxTv1fP8X2QN5SWXc1AcKhhA1tJQKcTa.


App licensed under GPLv3.